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DJ Marky: „My Parents Are Heroes“

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He is one of the biggest fish in the pond in the Drum ‘n‘ Bass scene: DJ Marky. The London-based Brazilian was one of the main acts of this year’s Springfestival. A backstage chat at 4 a.m.
DJ Marky & MC Stamina at P.P.C. in Graz
DJ Marky & Stamina MC at P.P.C. in Graz. Photo: Paul Bernhard
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Annenpost: How did you like tonight’s gig?

DJ Marky: It was good. I really enjoyed it, although I think it was quite quick. Roy Green & Protone, who played before me, are really good DJs from Austria. The Austrian people do not seem to be supporting them, which is a bit sad.

How do you like Springfestival?

I think I’ve played twice at Springfestival. Both of the times the venue was absolutely packed. Today it was … good, yeah it was good. The crowd was great, it’s just that … You know, I want to test a little bit. I don’t want to play just one style. I want to take the people on a journey. I can see how people like the harder, heavier stuff more. But I always want to play complimentary, more liquid tunes as well. We as humans need the balance to live. It’s the same with music.

What do you think about the Austrian Drum ’n’ Bass scene?

There are some really really good people. My favorites are Roy Green & Protone, Dorian Concept and Skore. They’re fantastic in my point of view. And I miss D.Kay, he is absolutely amazing.


You have a very unique style. Is it the Brazilian influence?

I don’t know. I think it’s because I’ve been a DJ for such a long time. Back in the day in Brazil you never had four or five DJs per night, you had one. So I was always resident at the club and I played the whole night. I had to play all kinds of music: Starting with an R’n’B kinda thing, then HipHop, then House, then Techno, then Jungle and Drum’n’Bass. That’s why.

I always play longer sets. I think that’s very important to a DJ. If you just play one hour, you can’t express yourself. I don’t want to be a superstar DJ, I want to play good music to make people dance.

What do you think about the future of Drum ’n’ Bass?

Stamina MC backs DJ Marky with improvised lyrics
Stamina MC backs DJ Marky with improvised lyrics. Photo: Paul Bernhard

It’s very strange. I see the pop stuff on the one hand and the more technical stuff on the other. But often it sounds very robotic. I think producers are so focused on technology they forget about the most important thing: The vibe. Making girls dance. A party without girls, man, that’s no party!

You’re touring through Europe at the moment. Do you get to catch a glimpse of the cities?

Graz is crazy. I haven’t been here in a while. It’s so beautiful. I like Vienna as well. My impression about Austria is always fantastic. If I moved from Brazil, I’d probably move to Austria.

Did you watch the Eurovision Song Contest?

Nooooo, no no no. No. (Laughs)

What about your next album?

My next album („My Heroes“, ann.) is coming out on June 15. It’s got mostly Drum’n’Bass, but also Disco and House tracks. I’m going to release it just one day before my birthday.

A birthday gift for yourself?

It’s a gift not for me, but a gift for my parents. I lost my dad three years ago. I decided to make the album for him and my mom, that’s why it’s called „My Heroes“. They really are my heroes. Without them, I would not be here. They taught me everything.


Co-editor: Paul Bernhard

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